Can Dr. Oz Cure my Snoring and Sleep Apnea?


On a question posed to Dr. Oz about that annoying thing called snoring and in this case excessive snoring, the good Doctor was nice enough to inform his audience with an important observation.  Snoring can be so loud that the sound it makes can actually cause hearing loss.  Was he referring to the snorer or the snorers partner?


I will admit that my snoring is really getting in the way of my marriage.  In fact, it is causing such a problem that I am now in the serious hunt for a real solution to snoring and I need it fast.  Snoring has become such a nuisance that my own daughter will not move to the basement apartment I just had built since she knows I will be sleeping down there every so often too.  You see, I have to give my wife a break from time to time from my loud snoring.  My snoring is so loud that she has formed the habit of going to bed with ear-plugs and that does not solve the loudness of my snore either.  “I’m not sleeping in the basement if you are going to be there too Dad”, my daughter confirms.  “your loud snoring will keep me up all night”, she adds.


I wish that my ridiculous snoring and the incredible decibels I hit with its sound was my only problem!  Try going to sleep and catching yourself gasping for air from time to time.  What the heck is that all about?  Hello, it’s called sleep apnea!  What else could go wrong?  Well, when I learned a bit about sleep apnea and the dangers related to sleep apnea, it scared the beejeepers out of me.  Now what?  What if I stop breathing period? Yikes!  Looks like it is finally time to really and seriously start to get some real info and remedies for this snoring and sleep apnea problem.  Maybe time to lose some body-fat, and maybe about time I get off my butt and see my Doctor!


Here is what I am noticing and experiencing nightly as I retire from a hard days efforts and try to get some sleep:


A)  My nasal passage-way is usually stuffed and I have to breathe through my mouth

B)  My mind seems to still be thinking about a lot of things and as I exhale, I forget to inhale.  I feel myself not breathing and then all of a sudden, I gasp in an effort to fill my lungs with air.  Knowing this causes a fear of going to sleep, every night.

C)  I find myself waking up, 2-3 times a night.

D)  I am experiencing mild headaches more often either lingering through the night or when I awake in the morning.

D)  Worst of all, I do not wake up refreshed and then carry on the day with an ugly fatigued and lethargic feeling all day.


Why am I snoring and suffering from sleep apnea every night?


Before going to my physician, I decided to make a short list myself as a self diagnosis of why I snore on a regular basis and why I am now suffering from a sleep apnea condition.  Here is what I found:

- I used to play friendly ice hockey with the boys, 3 times a week for about an hour each time. 

- I used to walk my dog 3 times a day for about 40 minutes each walk

-My diet included 70% fruits and vegetables and I kept meat and poultry at a minimum

-My treadmill used to be my best friend-not anymore

-I used to weigh 220 pounds-today the scale does not give me a reading at all :(


There you have it!  Cut out all that wonderful exercise and body activity, eat anything and everything placed in front of you and presto, it’s no wonder I snore like a Gorilla (not sure they snore).  Add 300 pounds of weight and a 47% body-fat and hey, sleep apnea has become my new friend replacing my old friend, the treadmill!  As a result of my self diagnosis, reverse the above and hope the damage is reversible too!


If you are like me and you are suffering with a big snoring and sleep apnea problem, this has to get looked at asap.  Why? This is devastating for your body because your body may never  actually relax.  How can it when snoring can go on all night long and sleep apnea can happen to us hundreds of times through-out the night.  Imagine the stress this puts on out system and especially out hearts?  Folks, know this about sleep apnea, Obesity is known to be a huge factor causing sleep apnea.  So before strapping an air machine to your face, seriously consider getting rid of the fat, getting rid of the extra weight.  I am!


Warning:  As much as I hate to give into the fact that I may very well need a sleep apnea machine for my nightly rest, I may have to make it a part of my life in order to solve my snoring and sleep apnea situation.  Most people refuse to change their lifestyle and change the habits that are making them have these problems and if you happen to be one of them, get the proper help today.  If you are disciplined enough to make that lifestyle change, congratulations!  I have made my commitment today and plan on solving my problematic and disturbing snoring and my scary sleep apnea once and for all.  Take good care of yourself :)




This information, and any accompanying printed, audio, or video materials you download or receive from us by some other delivery system, is not intended to replace the attention or advice of a physician or other health care professional.

Anyone who wishes to embark on any dietary, drug, exercise, surgical, or other regimen intended to treat sleep apnea should first consult with and seek clearance from a qualified health care professional.

None of our suggested treatment regimens can guarantee a cure for sleep apnea.


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